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Our Traditions Boutique - About us

We started Our Traditions because we loved the holidays, and the birthday parties, and the new babies, and everything else exciting in our lives and in the lives of our friends and family. We always were looking for something to make these special events all the more special and we loved creating special one of a kind gifts that would become traditions in our closest circles. 

This business is about sharing those traditions with you so Our Traditions become your traditions and we thrive and live those moments so they become treasured memories. We hope you love our products as much as we do, and we hope you share your traditions with us to help us grow the things that we celebrate. 


Randi is one of those creative people that spends more time at the local boutiques and craft shops than anywhere else and is always seen with her two toddlers and the new baby added in 2017. She has a natural gift for style and design and as her life has matured and changed with the addition of her children, so has her product focus and desire to create things that other moms will enjoy. Your products ordered from Our Traditions are handmade with love by Randi and her small team, with the help of lots of Diet Coke. We started making products years ago that started out being one of a kinds for our home and it graduated into a curated shop of the favorites of our family and friends. Enjoy, and we hope we can start a tradition together.