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Halloween is right around the corner

Posted on September 05 2016

Halloween is commemorated on the night of October 31st. Those who celebrate this holiday typically do so with customs like trick-or-treating, costume parties, bonfires, enjoying sweets, and sculpting jack-o-lanterns. These customs have origin from Scottish and primarily Irish immigrants but most of our traditions today don't resemble anything like the original Halloween. 

One Halloween custom is the act of dressing-up in ghostly outfits and masks. In the past, it was stated that these masks were expected to frighten fiends. Modern-day day outfits differ from "frightening" animals to brave figures depending on the individual's choice.

Kids who wear outfits will frequently go "trick-or-treating" (an activity that goes back to 1911). Kids will go from door to door and plead for candy and treats while reciting the expression "trick or treat!" The house owner will drop a Halloween reward (typically sweets) in their bag, and they will then visit the next home.

A more modern-day Halloween custom is to commemorate the night at fancy Halloween party. Participants would wear different outfits meant to frighten their friends, get a little naughty (you all know what I am talking about), and come dressed as their favorite character from recent pop culture. These celebrations would include activities like the best costume contest, bobbing for apples (where individuals dip their head in a barrel filled with water and aim to hang on to a bobbing apple with just their teeth), enjoying frightening movies, dancing, and reciting scary stories.

Sculpting jack-o-lanterns is another Halloween custom. It includes gutting a pumpkin and sculpting a ghoulish face on the front. Later on, it is lit up with a candle (which is put within the pumpkin) and set outdoors to amuse individuals who go by. (watch for some of our creative pumpkin ideas for you). 

Attempt some of these customs with your household and good friends if you do select to commemorate this year. You can choose an expensive Halloween costume from the store or spruce up like your preferred superhero handmade at home. Keep in mind, the essence of modern Halloween events is to have a good time with your friends, family and delight in some yummy treats.

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